If it is intended, Nigerian weddings are often times glamorous filled with bright colour clothings, delicious African delicacies, beautiful people everywhere, complete list of eruiyawo, great decoration.
Often times, majority of the guest come for the liveliness and the food, some come bearing gifts with them, most come with nothing (attendance is more appreciated to them).
But if you are part of the few who likes to give gift to wedded couple and not just gift, you want to give something much more appealing, something exquisite, something the hypman would want to turn the light on you for, something the couple will not forget in decade, the talk of the whole event…
Here are list of luxurious gift items you want to consider

1) A car key:
That moment when its time for you to present gift and you got hold of the Mic and you say to the couple in your newly acquired rich-man tone ‘step outside with me’ and there it is, the latest car, brand new, black and glossy, leather cream color sit, tabloid dashboard with voice recognition…keys already!

2) A sponsored trip abroad.
Okay…you think you can handle this? The couples are definitely going for their honey moon after the wedding ceremony, so you want to get that round-of-applaud..

Appreciation… Just plan your surprise way before the wedding, be sure both couple will like the tour location, both have their international passport, offcourse you must be close to the couple to know all these. Gifting the couple 2-way ticket to Huwai for their honeymoon is really not bad you know.

3) Money:
Money just has its universal password of unlocking an individual’s foolish part…very funny how little unexpected money can make you forget discipline, dignity, conservativeness and your general home training. So its time to give gift and you present a cheque of let’s say… #500,000,000 (five hundred million naira).
Party is over!

4) A House:
Ohhhh…this is fine wine. Just imagine presenting an architectural build up of a modern classy house in an estate, wrapped around with purple ribbon, keys dangling right beside the transparent plastic cover and right on it, there is a card with an address note written on it, it reads; plot 4, Olusola estate, phase 2 Victory avenue, Banana island, Lagos. And the grooms name is ‘Olusola’, a freaking estate!!
Okay…everybody has fainted!

5) A Job:
This is mostly given to couple who are really just starting off, a better job means a better life. Gifting a job to couple or either of them who is currently not working or not getting enough from the current job is luxurious enough to put a smile in their brain.

6) Fine Dinning:
This might not really seem much but If the couple are Gourmand who like to taste fine food.

There is no better experience you can hand them than a fine dinning in an exquisite restaurant the kind that one food payment is the annual salary of a banker.

7) Art work:
Depends on the interest of couple. A couple that has a background of art and nature will often like to have a fine art design from the most revered artist of their time.

8) Land:
If you have to take glory in this, it is done in a more subtle and strategic way. It won’t have much effect if you do it at the wedding because guest might actually think its ‘audio promise.

Generally, a good wedding gift is that which you think the couple really wants or might need, A luxurious gift however is that one that surpass the expectation of both the couple and the entire wedding guest as well as anyone that heard about it.

Well, we would want you to decided the remaining 2 luxurious gift, type in your thoughts in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share and like.Also follow us on all social media platforms, we always follow back!

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