The bride’s list is one of the major attractions of every traditional wedding in Nigeria. Seen as a way of expressing how much your bride means to you as a groom and his family, the brides groom always look forward to the presentation of the brides list as well as guest, some whose major purpose of being present wheater invited or not might be to see and evaluate how bulky, rich and well presented the bride list or engagement items are being showcased.

We understand how stressful it is to get these items, most especially presenting them to the bride’s family on the agreed date of engagement. We at Eru Iyawo service our customers irrespective of tribe or religion to help buy, wrap and arrange these items. We service customers from different parts of the world, we also fulfill engagement items and brides list anywhere in the world and ship abroad upon request.  We just want to be part of the beginning and save you the stress of buying and packaging.

We love to stress ourselves so you can enjoy your day to the fullest while we wow you with our amazing creative, packaging and presentation skills. How a bride’s gift is package says a lot about the bride herself and her family, the groom and his family. Who brings a shabbily package brides list and who accept such.

Our team of dedicated professionals is determined to go to the edge of the world if necessary to present your intentions with a premium packaged engagement items to your bride’s family, in no doubt, we like love stories and we just want to be part of the beginning.

We share below a detailed sample of different brides list/engagement list from different tribes of the country. Feel free to share your ideas in the comment section

We would be taking you around the country Nigeria, sharing with you how different tribes from the country exercise their cultural norms and items from their bride’s list. You can choose to compose your next engagement items or brides list from these articles.

Yoruba Engagement List {Eru Iyawo}

The first we would be sharing on our bride’s list is the Yoruba Brides list popular known as ERU IYAWO.
Yoruba Brides List
The Traditional Wedding Engagement list of the yoruba’s is usually exercised in grand style, varying from one family to the other makes some bride’s list more expensive than the other, the bride list is usually presented by the bride’s family to the groom’s family few weeks to the traditional wedding.

The items on the list are packaged and presented to the family of the bride on the traditional wedding day just like most tribes do. The engagement list items vary from one family to the other as some families have some items they add or remove depending on their beliefs and indulgence, although some items like the Bible/Quran and bitter kola are a must in most engagement list.

Below we share with you a detailed yoruba engagement list.

42 Bitter kolas (Orogbo)
42 Tubers of yam (Isu)
42 Kolanuts (Obi abata)
42 Chilli/Alligator Peppers (Atare)
42 pieces of dried Fish (Eja Osan)
1 Dish of peppered cornmeal (Aadun)
1 Pack of Sugar
2 Baskets of Fruit
2 Decanters filled with honey
4 Crates of canned or bottled soft drinks
4 Crates malt soft drinks
4 Cartons of bottled water
2 Bottles of non-alcoholic wine
2 Cartons of fruit juice
1 Bag of salt
1 Bag of rice
1 Umbrella
1 Goat
1 Keg of palm wine
1 Keg of groundnut oil
1 Big suitcase containing clothes, shoes and handbags including aso-oke fabric, 2 sets of lace with gele and 2 sets of Ankara
1 Wristwatch, Earrings, and Chains
Biscuits and Sweets
Engagement rings for bride and groom
Bible(for Christians)
Quran, praying mat, praying kettle, rosary, white hijab, veil and tasbir (for Muslim weddings)

Owo Ori (The Bride Price) – May Varies
Owo Ijoko Agba (Money for the elders consent) – ₦1,000
Owo Baba Gbo (Money for the bride’s father’s consent) – ₦1,000
Owo Iya Gbo (Money for the bride’s mother’s consent) – ₦1,000
Owo Ikanlekun(Door knocking fee) – ₦1,000
Owo Isiju Iyawo (Fee for unveiling the bride) – ₦1,000
Owo Aeroplane (Bride transportation fee) – ₦1,000
Owo Iyawo Ile (Money for the Housewives) -₦500
Owo Omo Ile (Money for the Children of the household) – ₦500
Owo letter kika (Letter reading fee)-₦500
Owo Telephone (Fee to call the bride out) – ₦500
Owo Isigba (Engagement gifts unveiling fee) – ₦500
Owo Alaga Ijoko (Master of Ceremonies fee) – ₦500

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Hausa Traditional Marriage Rites {Northern Part Of Nigeria}

The Hausa tribe mainly reside in the northern part of Nigeria, and are predominantly Muslims, while a few are Christians. The Hausa traditional marriage is mostly based on Islamic, and not as time-consuming or expensive like the Igbo and Yoruba traditional marriage ceremonies.
The culture of Northern Nigeria is mostly dominated by the culture of the Fourteen Kingdoms that dominated the region in prehistoric times, but these cultures are also deeply influenced by the culture of over one hundred ethnic groups that still live in the region.
Though a great number of people in this region speak the Hausa language, different tribes among them have their own individual unique dialects.
Igbo Engagement List
Let me take you through how traditional weddings are done in the Northern part of Nigeria.

Hausa weddings are taken as a serious business starting with a wedding Fatiha and ending with the main wedding reception. Just like every other society in the world, the relationship between people living together most especially between man and woman is not really accepted unless its foundation is based on marriage. Before the coming of religions, every society conducted its wedding activities on strong ideals and according to their own culture. Like other societies, Hausa land has its own ways of conducting marriages.

Before the first step highlighted below, it is expected that the man and woman had reached an agreement to get married. As stated earlier, their meeting is on a lighter note and there’s usually no form of physical contact – yes, not even a handshake! That’s the rule. After they had agreed then the first step begins.

When a man sees the woman he wants to marry, he has to, first of all, seek permission from her parents. The family of the bride-to-be will then conduct an investigation on the background of the man to determine his religious beliefs, ethics, morals and family customs, as well as every important detail concerning his upbringing.

Also, the wedding date is fixed during this visit, by both families. The process of setting the date is called Sarana.

The wedding day itself is called Fatihah, and it is the day of joining the two families.

As part of Hausa tradition, it is the duty of the husband to provide a house for the couple to live in, while furnishing the house is the full responsibility of the bride’s family.

At the wedding Fatihah, women are to remain indoors preparing the bride for her new life as a wife, which is referred to as Kunshi. The Kunshi is similar to a bridal shower.

The wedding reception is known as Walimah, and it is carried out according to the taste of the families involved. It is usually held after the Fatihah, and it goes on for a whole day with food and drinks available for family, friends, and well-wishers.

At the end of the celebration, the bride is taken to her husband’s house after receiving pieces of marital advice from parents, aunts, uncles, parents-in-law.

Now our main focus in this article is the Kayan Zance which is the list of items the groom’s family provides as soon as the bride’s family accepts their wedding proposal. We call it Eru Iyawo(www.eruiyawo.com) in Yoruba. Some even say the Hausa proposal list is otherwise known as ‘lefe’, you can comment in the box to give your opinion on this.

The list of items includes but is not limited to cookware, furniture, fabrics beauty products, shoes, underwear, cash (Kudin Gaisuwa).

This is the Hausa traditional marriage system. The newly wedded bride is known as Amarya while the groom is known as Ango.

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Igbo Engagement List {Eastern Part Of Nigeria}

Secondly, we share with you the endless list of the traditional requirements from the Mbaise region of Imo State In the heart of Igboland.
Igbo Engagement List
Igbo’s remain my favorite tribe in the country, even thou I am Yoruba, the rich and strict tradition and culture of the Igbos makes them stand out from every other tribe in Nigeria. Needless to say, You just have to love a yoruba demon(wink).

The Igbo’s are quite similar to the Yoruba’s when it comes to staging weddings.They do introduction with the families first as the yoruba’s,then make decisions, some of which to agree on a date for the main traditional ceremony where families and friends can come together to rejoice with the new couple. Both couples are usually dressed in a complete beautiful Igbo traditional wears.

So if you are planning to marry an Igbo woman, worry not. Do not let the popular opinion of people that Igbo weddings are quite expensive chase you from marrying the woman of your dreams. Just forget every rumor you have been told, Igbo women are not as expensive as you think, who says you can’t afford to marry an Igbo woman, most are lies – the Igbo traditional engagement list for marriage is not as overwhelming as people tend to make it.

I believe you would agree with me that Igbo ladies are one of the most beautiful ladies in Nigeria. Therefore, a lot is expected of any man opting to take one as a bride. An average Igbo lady is well-trained, industrious, beautiful as well as accommodating. These are the contributing factors to why their bride price is “one of” if not the highest in Nigeria, please note that the ONE OF is quoted.

In this post, I will share with you some facts and you will find out the things that really make up the customary ibo engagement and bride price list for traditional marriage, which is one of the most stress areas for a groom-to-be who is about to marry an Igbo woman. This will help you prepare and know how much your traditional marriage ceremony would cost, don’t forget we are here to stress ourselves for you.

Before I continue let me confess to you that if you happen to marry their first daughters you might even pay more. But why worry? Don’t be alarmed ain’t here to scare you.

Thou the Igbo traditional list is purely personal to the groom. if you want to prove how rich you are to your in-laws. Whichever way, the most important thing for anyone planning to marry an Igbo woman is to start his preparation as early as possible and follow through in other to fulfill all the traditional requirements in Igbo. Below is the list of Traditional Marriage requirements in Igboland.

This list usually covers the basic things needed for the occasion but it doesn’t have anything to do with one ethnic group in particular but varies from place to place. First of all, here are the sequences in traditional marriage in Igbo land.

– The introduction

– The presentation of the engagement list

– The bride price/dowry

– The general gifts/ the marriage ceremony itself

A detailed list is shared below divided into categories as explained.

List #1: Gifts for the Umu-ada (Igbo Traditional Engagement)
In English, umu-ada means daughters. In this case, the gifts for the ‘umu ada’ would be shared among all the grown daughters in the bride’s extended family.

-Wrappers (George or Abada such as Vlisco Hollandais, ABC, Nigerian Wax)
-Igbo-style lace blouses
-Igbo Ichafu scarfs (assorted styles and colours)
-Shoes and bags (assorted designs and colours)
-Jewelry (wrist watches, earrings, necklaces and rings in either gold, silver, gold plated/ GL)
-Toiletries (bath soaps, body creams, washing detergents, perfumes and so on)
-Drinks (malt and soft drinks)
-Lump-sum cash gift

List #2: Gifts for the Umunna (Igbo Engagement List)
The items in this category will be shared amongst the males/ heads of the extended family of the bride to be.

-Kola nuts
-Palm wine (in gallons/ jerry cans)
-Bottles of hot drinks
-Cartons of assorted drinks (malt, soft drinks and beer)
-Tobacco snuff
-Cigarettes (rolls)
-Goat (1)
-Lump-sum cash gift

List #3: General Gifts (Nmepe Uzo)
In English language, “nmepe uzo’ literally means ‘to open the door’.

-Bride price – Negotiable
-Cartons of star beer (2)
-Cartons of Guinness stout (2)
-Cartons of malt (2)
-Crates of soft drinks (6)
-Bottles of hot drinks/whiskey (3)
-Tubers of yam (30)
-Bags of rice (2)
-Bags of salt (2)
-Onions (30)
-Palm oil (one 10 or 25 liters gallon)
-Groundnut oil (25 liters)
-Kerosene (1 gallon)
-Stock fish (1 basin)
-Meat – goat leg (2)
-Bread (25 loaves)
-Tins of Tomatoes (1 carton)
-Tins of Milk (1 carton)
-Tablet soap (1 carton)
-Talc powder – big size: Saturday night powder or morning rose powder (20)
-Tobacco snuff (20 heads)
-Cigarettes (10 packets)
-Big basins (2)
-5 sets of (George or Abada such as Vlisco Hollandais, ABC, Nigerian Wax)
-Igbo style lace blouses (2)
-Igbo Ichafu scarfs (2)
-Wristwatches (2 or more)
-Gold necklaces (2 or more)
-Large suitcase (1)
-Lamp / Lantern (1)
-Umbrella (3)

List #4: Cash Gifts (During the Ime-Ego/ Bride Price Ceremony)
These are symbolic cash gifts – the groom and his family may negotiate each one down. These include:

-Money to bring down the pot from the fire (in igbo: ego nfotu ite) – N1,000
-Money to open the wine keg (ego ncha kishi udu or in some ibo dialects, ego nkwupu udu) – N1,000
-Money for in-laws (ego ogo cherem) – N50,000 (Ogo cherem literally means ‘inlaw, wait for me. Some people also say it also means ‘the money my in-laws presented to me’).
-Money for maternity bill (ego maternity) – N1,000
-Money for the village chief (ego onye eze) – N1,500
-Lump-sum cash (ogwe ego) – N5,000

The contents of some engagement list have been said to discourage a couple of men from marrying their Igbo brides.
But why worry, why relent, you want her don’t you?.
We also share below a picture of a typical list for a bride from Abia state.

igbo wedding list
igbo wedding listt

So tell us, what do you think about the igbo engagement list and how this list is different from your own traditional marriage list?

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Delta State Engagement List {Southern Part Of Nigeria}

Bride list most especially the bride price is an essential and integral part of any marriage agreement in Nigeria and Africa at large.
Delta Engagement List
Taking you through the Engagement list/ Brides list of The Big Heart of Nigeria, Delta State is an oil and agricultural producing state in Nigeria. Trust me when I say its never a wrong choice picking a bride from this Oil-rich state.

Unlike many other states in the country, a bride from Delta is a worthy one, a good woman for an affordable brides list(argue in the comment section).

Fulfilling of the bride list is an aged long practice in Africa; it is what makes a marriage contract legal. So let’s talk about the bride’s list of Urhobo people in Delta State, Nigeria. For guys planning or want to marry an Urhobo woman this is for you.

The Brides List

-6 pieces of none alcoholic wine, & 1 carton of fruits juice.
-6 pieces of alcoholic wine, 2 creates of malts, & 2 creates of mineralsc….
-3 bags of salt,d…. 1 Caton of soap…. 20 liters of Palm oil.
-20 liters of palm wine,g…. A plate of cola nuts mixed with native, ordinary & bitter, cola. supported with ₦2,000
-Money for siblings ₦5,000
-Money for youth ₦1,500
-Money for women ₦2,000….
-Bride price —
-Unofficial bride price ₦20,000
-Behind money for father ₦10,000
-Behind money for mother ₦7,000
-Head tie
-Shoe & bag for mother
-Walking stick
-& Shoe for father
-Excursion money to present the bride #3,000,( for the womenfolk) negotiable.
-Full box of assorted clothes for the bride
-One bottle of original honey.

Having a good woman from a good tribe does’nt come easy.There is always a price to pay.

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Edo State Traditional Engagement List {Esan Ethnic Group}

If you’re a groom-to-be, planning an Edo marriage introduction, I know what keeps you awake at night – how much will the bride price list cost? You would find your answers in this article.
Igbo Engagement List
Edo State is a state in Nigeria. Its capital is Benin City. A beautiful state made up of 4 major ethnic groups; namely the Bini, Esan, Owan, and Etsako.

As it is in Edo State, traditional marriage is one important occasion, it is very important to have Edo state list and requirements put down for the interested young men who are looking towards having Edo beautiful ladies as wives. I know how most men feel when they are about to go to their Nigerian or Edo inlaws for the first time – grooms-to-be are usually nervous and afraid of the unknown cost involved. Usually, it’s a fear of ‘can I really afford the bride price list?’. We discovered that, in most cases, the list is not as fearful as ‘stories’ make it be.

If every Nigerian groom knows, in advance, how much the bride-price and engagement list (they’ll receive) will cost, they will be better prepared and not afraid to meet their inlaws, without delay. The purpose of giving you a peek into the Edo bride price list is to help you plan your introduction ahead of time. Note that Edo state is made up of many sub-tribes and villages, each of which has a slight difference (significant, in some) from the other. So, use the below bride price list as a guide to drawing up your marriage introduction budget, and be prepared by saving up before contacting your future in-laws.

In this post, I will share with you some facts and you will find out the things that really make up the customary Edo engagement and bride price list for traditional marriage.
After a man meets his wife to be, and arrangement will be made on when to visit the in-laws to be with his parents and other elderly relatives of his.

Without further ado, we just jump into sharing with you the list to expect when taking an Edo(Esan) bride.

-The Holy Bible – 1 (one)
-1 Umbrella
-1 suitcase filled with clothes (box of wrappers)
-2 bottles of hot drinks (schnapps)
-1 crate of malt drinks
-1 plate of kolanuts
-1 bag of salt
-25 liters of palm oil for the bride’s mother
-1 jar of palm wine
-1 carton of wine for sundry use (the groom should hold this)
-3 crates of malt for women of the lineage
-6 carton of beer for men of the lineage (broken down into 2 cartons of small -Guinness stout; 2 cartons of Star beer; 2 cartons of Gulder beer)
-28 tubers of yam arrange in groups of seven
-14 tubers of yam for the eldest man in the lineage
-N1,500 cash for the dowry
-N5,000 cash for the bride’s mother
-N3,000 cash for the bride’s father
-N9,000 cash for the men in the bride’s lineage
-N6,000 cash for the women bride’s lineage

It is important to note that when choosing a date for the Edo traditional marriage introduction event, there are dates to avoid which are forbidden. AVOID the market days, because it is forbidden to pay bride price or conduct traditional marriage ceremony on market days. That is the custom of the people of Emuhi village in Ekpoma part of Edo state, so you’ll have to ask your wife-to-be for their own village’s forbidden days. Obviously, you first and then your family must establish a relationship with the bride’s family before agreeing on a date for the marriage introduction.

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Akwa Ibom Traditional Marriage List {South Eastern Part Of Nigeria}

With a population of over 5 million people, located in the coastal southern part of the country, lying between latitudes 4°32′N and 5°33′N, and longitudes 7°25′E and 8°25′E. The state is located in the South-South geopolitical zone and is bordered on the east by Cross River State, on the west by Rivers State and Abia State, and on the south by the Atlantic Ocean and the southernmost tip of Cross River State. Akwa Ibom is surely a good place to fetch a beautiful wive.
Igbo Engagement List
Marriage plays a very important role in the Ibibio society, there are elaborate ceremonies on it before, during, and after the formal handing over of a girl or woman to her suitor. The bride price practice of giving out a ‘long and rich’ list, has been in existence for a very long time.
The traditional marriage rites start with a young man from any tribe asking a girl to marry him. As soon as the girl agrees the journey legally begins. The traditional marriage process is in four phases namely:

– Ndidiong Ufok (know her house): The groom to visit the bride’s family with wine. He will state the intentions to marry her. If the bride’s family accepts his proposal, a second meeting will be arranged.

-Ukong Udok(knocking of the door): This is the second stage of the marriage rites in which the man shows his readiness to marry the bride to be.

-Uno Mkpo: Gifts are delivered to the bride’s family. Gifts are ways of compensating the family of the lady by the family members of the groom’ for talking away a member of their family.

-Usoro Ndo: This is the most significant part of the ceremony which is also the traditional marriage. And it is also not different from the Igbo traditional marriage.

A detailed list is shared below divided into categories as explained.

List #1: Compound Cleaners(Youth) NKPO MKPARAWA

-2 cartons of beer(Star and Gulder)
-2 crates of mineral
-1 packet of the cigarette (St Morris)
-1 packet of the cigarette (Benson)
-2 bottles of Schnapps
-1 bottle of illicit gin(kai-kai)
-1 head of tobacco
-1 leather ball
-Cash of Two thousand five hundred naira (#2500.00) only

List #2: Knocking of the door (FATHER AND MOTHER) Combine

-6 cartons of Star beer
-6 crates of mineral
-2 crates of small stout
-2 crates of Maltina
-4 liters of illicit gin(kai-kai)
-2 heads of tobacco and limestone
-2 rubbers of palm wine (40 liters)
-2 bottles of grinded snuff
-4 bunches of cola nut
-6 bottles of schnapps
-6 bottles of Eva wine
-Physical cash of forty thousand naira (#40,000.00) only

List #3: Family

-1 big native, she-goat
-5 tubers of yam
-5 cartons of Star beer
-1 carton of small stout
-1 carton of assorted gin
-3 crates of mineral
-2 Rubbers of palm wine (40 liters)
-2 bunches of cola nut
-2 heads of tobacco and limestone
-2 bottles of grinded snuff
-Physical cash of five thousand naira (#5,000.00) only.

List #4: Cash Gifts (During the Ime-Ego/ Bride Price Ceremony)

-1 matchet with cover
-1 carton of whiskey
-1 bottle of three in 1 whiskey
-1 carton of schnapps
-10 cartons of beer, (small stout)
-10 crates of mineral
-10 bottles of English wine
-4 liters of hot drink (kai-kai)
-5 head of tobacco with limestone and snuff water
-5 rubbers of palm wine
-5 bud of kola-nut
-5 packet of St. Morris cigarette/Benson
-1 piece of president rapper (English made)
-Complete suite with reading eyeglass
-1 fine chieftaincy dress
-1 black hat
-1 English long sleeve shirt
-1 wristwatch
-1 fine walking stick
-1 pair of cover shoe with sucks
-1 hot pant
-1 nice tie
-1 fine English portfolio
-Envelope of #50,000.00

List #5: Mother

-1 Raleigh Bicycle
-10 cartons of beer
-10 crates of minerals
-5 bottles of whiskey
-1 piece of English Damask
-Blouses (lace) and head tie canopy (Damask)
-A pair of women shoe and wristwatch (Gold)
-1 set of Earring (Gold), Blazer and pant (dozen)
-1 underskirt (dozen) and hand Bangles (Gold)
-1 Frying Garri pot
-1 Toronto Basin with cover
-1 Umbrella and Handbag
-1 set of eating plate with spoons (dozen)
-1 Palm Oil milling machine
-1 English house knife
-2 cooking pot big and small (English made)
-1 big rubber of kerosene
-2 bags of salt
-2 bags of pepper
-2 bags of crayfish
-2 rubbers of palm wine
-2 bags of rice
-1 bag of beans
-1 big cooking stand for palm oil
-1 big bathing towel, soap, pomade oil, washing hand towel and English basin -(the big one)
-1 carton of key soap
-1 crate of mineral and #1,000.00 for cooker
-1 piece of English wax to cover on the ground for the wife to match on
-1 three in one whiskey to show the husband
-#5,000.00 to open the whiskey
-Envelope of #40,000.00 only

List #6: Grand Father

-1 piece of English wax
-5 bottle of schnapps
-2 three in 1 whiskey
-5 bottle of English wine
-5 big bottles Gordon Dry gin
-4 litres of hot drink (kai-kai)
-5 cartons of beer
-5 crates of mineral
-1 carton of whiskey
-5 head of tobacco with limestone with snuff water
-1 bottle of Grinded snuff
-2 rubbers of palm wine
-Envelope of #10,000.00 only

List #7: Grand Mother’s Shares (MKPO EKAETE)

-1 piece of wax
-1 carton of beer
-1 crate of mineral
-1 bottle of illicit gin
-1 bottle of whiskey

List #8: Cooker’s Shares (MKPO MBON UTEM UDIA)

-1 carton of beer
-1 crate of minerals
-1 bottle of schnapps
-1 bottle of illicit gin
-3 Key Bar soap
-Cash of #1,500.00 (one thousand five hundred naira only)

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