So there is a new guy next door, or a new girl in the neighbourhood, you are a good looking guy and you want to make an impression before she really settles in and everybody gets to know her, you want to be the first friend he has in the neighbourhood.

Whichever item is listed is ultimately co-dependent on the region you reside in however. In some African countries, you really need to mind your business!
Moving on…

1)COOKIES: sharing cookies is a traditional way of showing love in the western world. Some African countries are inculcating this habit as well. Taking some home made cookies to your new neighbour is a good gesture towards a reliable relationship, Or not… Just buy some at the mall and take it to their door step, I presume you just don’t have the potential to make a good home made cookies so don’t mess it up, or do you?

2) FLOWER: Again, this is mostly a western world practise but then there are few individuals who would really love to have another flower collection, this categories of new neighbours would be such that appreciates nature and a great potential they may probably possese is a very tender and strong caring characteristics such you have to have to cater for a flower. But then, how would you know if the new pretty lady will appreciate flowers? I don’t know too…

3) CHICKEN BARBEQUE: uhm yummy…No one can resist this, that brown burnt greasy look of a roasted full chicken…its the kind of gift you stand
At the Doorstep And the look on your neighbours face says ‘please feel free to come in and seat on my sofer for as long as you want, oh yes, you can use my bathroom too’. its always an easy pass. However, make sure the chicken is well dressed with all the tomato and onion too.

4) BOTTLE OF WINE: hmmm, classic! A bottle of wine does all the magic sometimes and even ‘that’ magic. You just got an apartment in Lagos and on a very cold Saturday afternoon barely a week since you moved in, a knock on your door jots you and you open your door to see a pretty lady with a bottle of wine and she says she stays in the next building pointing with a smile… What is running through your mind right now, hmm? Bros shagwell…Yes you!

5) CHOCOLATE BAR: young love gig.

6) PAINTING: what about a nice painting for your new neighbour to decorate their house with? You can start with the history of the painting and the market value, that will kick off a conversation that might lead to another thing… what? Probably lead to things like helping out in the kitchen next Saturday, or joining your networking team or introduction to new client for your business… What ‘thing’ were you thinking?

7) HELPING HAND: in this part of the world, there is no better gift self appraising, and character judging like the humble act of helping your new neighbour pack in and settle well, they immediately pick interest in you even if you haven’t really given them anything tangible. They want to associate with youYou will be their goto person when they need new information about the area or anything else. They want you to introduce them to new things, tell them the history of the area and show them everyone who is who in the vicinity, gossip to them about everyone. It make it more interesting when there is a future prospect to love between opposite sex but it is very damning and destructive when it is a woman to woman thing, it might be the grooming of a future inter-house battle in the street.

Regardless the gift you give to your new neighbour, it is a gesture towards mutual living and setting pace for symbiotic co-existence. You have to have a motive for going all out to receive a person you hardly know and even going the extra mile gifting them something, this portray you as a good person and someone who is good to live with, it gives the new person some level of comfort and confidence settling in the surrounding knowing there is someone like you around.
Forget the selfish opposite sex interest, whatever gender they are, the motive is to try to make your new neighbour comfortable enough to settle in fast.

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